Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Video for Rhythmbox

On 7/28/06, Mark Hewitt <mark hewitt1 ntlworld com> wrote:
There was some talk a little while ago about incorporating a frontend
for gstreamer video capabilities, maybe as a plugin. Is anyone looking
at this right now? (I sincerely wish I could contribute with some code,
but my coding is still very much neophyte stuff). I know people will say
"we have to keep focus, and RB is an audio application, we don't want to
get distracted with video features", but basically there is no good
media library/player out there with video support, because everyone
focusses on making the best audio player! Xine is best for video, but
doesn't do the sexy stuff RB does as far as indexing big collections of
files etc. I'd love to be able to add vids to my RB library and play
them in the main window, rather than the clumsy Xine solution, spawning
a new window for each window and so on. What do people think?

Maybe this is obvious to most, but I think it's worth mentioning: some
people who use RB for their podcasts (like I do) may want to use it
also for their vodcasting/vidcasting (whichever lame term is hip these
days).  I think a plugin at least for that would be very useful.

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