Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] and UTC

On 7/5/06, Jonathan Matthew <jonathan kaolin wh9 net> wrote:
On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 03:28:47PM +0200, Luca Gasperini wrote:
> Hi,
>   can someone confirms the fact that audiscrobbler plugins send time data
> of played songs in UTC?Is it possible to avoid this and send time data
> respecting /etc/localtime?

The audioscrobbler plugin does send times in UTC, as the protocol
specification ( ) says it
should.  Why would you want it to send times in your local timezone?

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Thanks Jonathan ,I was just wondering if it was something wrong with my system or not.I was confused and I can understand why time is sent in UTC,simply because is universal.I got crazy with archlinux setting time/locale and always add issue,now I'm on gentoo and didn't know if those issue was still presents somehow.
On my "recent tracks" of songs are displayed 2 hours ,I'm on CEST (UTC + 2 hours) . lets you chose your time preferences in "settings" but whatever you put there song play time is always shown in UTC.That is that the "recent played songs" list is not so usefull as i thought...but all this is stuff is side....

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