Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] .93 release

On Sat, 2006-01-28 at 00:33 -0800, Marc E. wrote:
> When can we expect a .93 release? It will bring a much needed update to
> RB.

All things going well, Monday or Tuesday. I've sent a post to the i18n
list, asking that they get any updated translations into cvs.

> Also, when is the new website going to be launched?

I'm not sure. I remember someone was planning to work on the site, but I
haven't heard anything for a while.

> On the dev side, has the remember the position of a podcast patch been
> merged yet?

I'd forgotten about that patch. This is why everyone (including me)
should remember to put patches in bugzilla, so they don't get lost.

> Rhythmbox has been really shaping up in the last months (libnotify,
> queue, generic audio player). Somebody bringing album art (just reading
> it from the tags) to CVS would be awesome.

There has been a 90% done patch sitting in Bugzilla for *ages*, it
mostly needs someone to update it to cvs and tidy it up. However it
doesn't support art in tags, art in an iPod's database, art for
podcasts, etc.


James "Doc" Livingston
> Even when Gatso's are used soley for speed-detection, they still take
> multiple pictures, just to prove it wasn't receiving a rouge signal
Well, if there's a measurable red-shift, the driver is definitely going
too fast. -- David Taylor, James Riden, asr

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