Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Session management

On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 12:19 +0100, Pavel Roitberg wrote:
> Thomas Kirby wrote:
> > Are there any plans, say, to implement features such as preserving the 
> > current song and play queue from one session to the next?

Current cvs saves the play queue between sessions. Saving the playing
sound wouldn't be that hard, however it wouldn't really makes sense
unless we also saved the playing source and it's state.

> yeah, or remembering the current search term.
> I used to have a cool player who did that, but then Linus came and was
> right :D

Saving full source state has a number of issues, some technical and some
to do with users.

On the technical side, there is how to store it for some sources.
Permanent source are easy, we used to have a gconf key for the library
search string. Playlists are harder since they don't have a unique
identifier (you can have two with the same name), we could store it in
the playlist.xml file, but I think that should be for playlist
definition, not random state. Other source like removable media, daap
shares and audio cds don't really lend themselves to storing state - and
I'm not even sure they should.

If we do store the search string, we should probably also store the
state of the browsers and similar things.

Although I personally liked the library remembering my search string, a
lot of people had problems with it. From reports, people would have used
the search box, quit RB, and the next time they loaded it they would
wonder where half their library had gone.

If we wanted to bring back storing source state, we would need to make
it more consistent, and not confuse people.


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