Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Toolbars

Sorry, to dig out this one, but I neither like compiling nor CVS,
so I had to wait until Dapper has the new Rhythmbox...

James Livingston:

While most people will know what the icons for Previous, Play and Next
mean, some of the other icons will be less obvious. For example the
"burn cd" toolbar item has a CD as it's icon, and it isn't obvious what
that would mean.

This will probably become more obvious when we add source-specific
icons; e.g. audio cds would have an "eject" and "rip cd" toolbar items.
But how common are these actions for an audio player?
I mean theres already serpentine for that kind of task.
I think the toolbar should only offer task-specific and often used functions and the former is quite specific for an audio player.

I mean rhythmbox doesnt even offer a stop button, since that function is hardly used - should there be really a burn-cd button then?

my bottom line is, that there is no need for a toolbar, since we dont have enought items to offer.

Baptiste Mille-Mathias:

And no, not everyone knows the meaning of the icons. Imagine this is
first time you use a computer.
a description should not depend on whether a user might or might not know the symbol, but rather how often it is used.
Since the User will learn the meaning of often used icons, but forget it if he has to use it only once in a while.


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