[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: DAAP questions.

>>>>> "JD" == Joel Duggan  writes:

JD> Ok, I poked at it some more and found some things.  NOTE: There
JD> was nobody running iTunes at the moment so I tested against my
JD> mt-daap server.

JD> If I move the slider to 1min, the song goes to the 2min mark.  It
JD> seems that the song goes to twice the time that I ask for.  It
JD> acts unpredictably if I seek beyond half the length of the song.
JD> Seeking backwards in the song has an inconsistent behaviour.
JD> Usually it seeks to twice the time I wanted, sometimes it seek to
JD> a different spot in the song all together.

FYI, I've seen more or less the same kinds of behaviour with regular
non-DAAP seek on some (mostly MP3s that were ripped using Sound Juicer
with variable bit rate encoding) tracks.  Often these tracks have
bogus time durations due to gstreamer not being able to estimate track
lengths.  Sound Juicer was well and truly mangling the ID3 tags which
possibly accounts for this, but it's interesting that it has the same
effect as the DAAP seek.

For, me DAAP seek doesn't work at all (using gst 0.10), it simply
restarts from wherever you attempted to start seeking in the stream.


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