[Rhythmbox-devel] Configure checks everything

I got this while running configure:
checking for LIBNAUTILUS_BURN... configure: error: libnautilus-burn
not found or too cold

But then when I install it it is not included in this output: Does
this mean I can't disable nautilusburn?

configure: Rhythmbox was configured with the following options:
configure: ** Tree database is enabled
configure: ** GStreamer metadata is enabled
configure:    Tag writing is disabled
configure: ** Multimedia keys support is enabled
configure:    MusicBrainz support is disabled
configure: ** GStreamer 0.7 player is enabled
configure:    iPod integration disabled
configure:    DAAP (music sharing) support is disabled
configure: ** Bonobo control/activation enabled
configure:    D-BUS control/activation disabled
configure:    Audioscrobbler support disabled


PS. don't bother with GStreamer 0.7, Ijust  wanted to see if I could
use an older variant.. ;-( but my 4 month old installation apparently
isn't bleeding edge enough.

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