[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.9.3


On behalf of the Rhythmbox developers, I'm proud to announce the fourth
release of the Rhythmbox 0.9 series, which includes a large
number of fixes, improvements and new features. Notable new features
include a play queue, GStreamer 0.10 support, full remote gnome-vfs
support, much improved DAAP support, library "watching" and support for
mass-storage audio players.

* What is Rhythmbox ?

Rhythmbox is an integrated music management application, originally
inspired by Apple's iTunes. It is free software, designed to work well
under the GNOME Desktop, and based on the powerful GStreamer media

* What's changed in 0.9.3 ?

* disable column auto-sizing, improves speed [Jonathan Matthew: 312122]
* resort in a faster way [James Livingston: 315389]
* don't try to burn long playlists [William Jon McCann: 321753]
* other cd-burning fixes and HIG improvements [William Jon McCann:
* fix "Post" and "Episode" wording [James Livingston: 321653]
* display tag-writing errors to the user [James Livingston]
* make the podcast dialog look like the song one [William Jon McCann]
* use glib class private data everywhere [William Jon McCann: 313688]
* add "Move to trash" command [Bastien Nocera: 315389]
* support DBus 0.6 [William Jon McCann]
* add support for "Watched Libraries] [James Livigston: 160159]
* add support for remote gnome-vfs [James Livingston: 140355]
* select source when hovering with drag [Thomas de Grenier de Latour:
* fix parsing of some RSS feeds [Ryan P Skadberg: 323153]
* use toolbar [William Jon McCann, James Livingston: 316238]
* always hide rather than remove db entries until old [James Livingston]
* ellipsise source names, instead of adding scroll bar [James
* allow year to be changed on multiple songs [Alex Lancaster]
* refactor playlist classes [Jonathan Matthew]
* add gstreamer 0.10 support [Jan Schmidt, James Livingston]
* fix drag-and-drop of URLs [Jonathan Matthew:323610]
* save metadata when forward/next are pressed [James Livingston: 320952]
* fix complaints about deprecated libnautilusburn API in 2.13 [James
* make entry-views just a display, and fix play orders [Jonathan
* remove distro-packaging stuff [James Livingston]
* fix 5 sec pause when finding non-audio files with gst 0.10 [James
* fix playlist saving and shutdown [William Jon McCann: 322940]
* submit songs longer than 30 mins to AudioScrobbler [StÃle Lyngaas:
* make iradio dialog look like song one [William Jon McCann: 323306]
* make genre tag-writing not use artist [Alex Lancaster: 323642]
* more entry-view cleanup and refactoring [Jonathan Matthew: 323640]
* fix problem with dropping artist/album into an entry view [James
* add play queue [Jonathan Matthew: 107787]
* about dialog fixes and update AUTHORS and MAINTAINERS [William Jon
* remove use of GMemChunks [James Livingston]
* remove unused podcast feed column [William Jon McCann: 322961]
* add support for the search box to playlists. [James Livingston]
* add support for more date formats in podcast feeds [William Jon
* use "friendly time" for properties display [William Jon McCann]
* add fulscreen mode [William Jon McCann: 324075]
* allow iradio stations to be stream URLs [Jonathan Matthew]
* fix parsing of itunes:image element in podcasts [William Jon McCann]
* allow podcasts with no pubication date [Jonathan Matthew]
* add disc number to multiple-track properties window [Jonathan Matthew,
* read playcount and year from ipod db [Gunnar Steinn Magnusson]
* add 'last episode' field to the podcast feed dialog [Jonathan Matthew]
* assorted DAAP fixes [James Livingston, Jonathan Matthew, William Jon
* add libnotify support [Jonathan Matthew]
* use G_DEFINE_TYPE [James Livingston, Lubomir Marinovm, William Jon
* many play-order fixes [Jonathan Matthew]
* add default playlists [William Jon McCann: 323004]
* add support for Year criteria in auto playlists [Alex Lancaster:
* give names to playlists created via drag-n-drop [William Jon McCann:
* allow dbus to chaneg volume [Jonathan Matthew]
* stop playback after a podcast finished [James Livingston: 322077]
* fill in multi-track property window fields [James Livingston: 326054]
* don't lose hidden entries from playlists [James Livingston: 319278]
* add support for generic mass-storage audio players [James Livingston:
* don't get stuck on recursive symlinks [James Livingston: 125452]
* don't crash on hybrid audio+data cds [Jonathan Matthew]
* make startup faster [James Livingston, Jonathan Matthew: 323348 and
* display number of tracks in browsers [William Jon McCann: 327372]
* add support for Year metadata from DAAP shares [Alex Lancaster:
* support chunked-encoding for DAAP [Jonathan Matthew: 326738, 318852]
* change default rating back to 0 [James Livingston]
* sort URIs when artist/album is dragged [Jonathan Matthew: 327494]
* remove items from browsers when tracks are hidden [James Livingston:
* don't spin when all tracks are unplayable [Jnonathan Matthew: 329329]
* minor UI and HIG fixes [Dennis Cranston, Jaap A. Haitsma, James
  Jonathan Matthew, William Jon McCann, Bastien Nocera]
* assorted other bug fixes and minor improvements

Updated Translations

* de	Hendrik Brandt
* en_CA	Adam Weinberger
* es	Francisco Javier F. Serrador
* fi	Ilkka Tuohela
* fr	Christophe Bliard
* gl	Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
* hu	Gabor Kelemen
* ja	Takeshi AIHANA
* lt	Åygimantas BeruÄka
* nb	Kjartan Maraas
* nl	Vincent van Adrighem, Tino Meinen
* no	Kjartan Maraas
* pt_BR	Evandro Fernandes Giovanini, Raphael Higino
* vi	pclouds, Clytie Siddall
* zh_CH	Funda Wang
* zh_TW	Abel Cheung

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:
[MD5 sum: 52eed2f039242e06d691c3223273b29c]
[MD5 sum: 3ad98939192d44e64982588b15827ffe]

Home Page:

James "Doc" Livingston

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