[Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox won't open radio

First, thanks to all who develop Rhythmbox. It is a great program. I've had a couple of problems I'm hoping I can get help here with.

Rhythmbox won't open radio stations (Groove Salad, Bluemars, or other stations from the internet). It tells me "couldn't start playback (null)". Once in a blue moon, several minutes later, it'll connect and start playing a station, without acknowledging that it's connected, thereby not allowing me any control (to make it stop the one station, I'll have to quit the program). Often it will freeze, alleging that I've paused a station, at which point I'll have to force it to quit.

It will play ogg or mp3 files on my system. However, it won't stop, it'll only pause. If, after I've played an ogg or mp3, I try to play an internet radio station, it'll reopen the last ogg or mp3 I played. Once that's done, it'll just freeze.

Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this?

It's version 0.9.5-2, on Debian Etch.

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