Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox & iPod

>>>>> "MH" == MIchael Hinterreither  writes:

MH> Hi, whenn will you release a Rhythmbox Version, whitch will a full
MH> iPod support?

Preliminary iPod support is now in the current version 0.9.5, e.g. I
believe you can copy tracks from the iPod to rhythmbox's library
(haven't tried because I don't have an iPod).  From my understanding,
(not being a main rhythmbox developer myself) the main remaining issue
is getting the two-way synchronising support, and there are several
patches on bugzilla about that, see this bug:

Your best bet is to help test those patches and provide feedback, more
help will make it more likely that iPod "full" support will be built
into a future release of rhythmbox.  

The answer as to "when", is "when it's ready..." ;)

Also, you can add yourself as a "Cc" to the iPod "tracker" bug to get
updates on all the iPod related bugs when their status changes:

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