Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Daap shares

On 8/14/06, Alexander Isacson <alexander isacson info> wrote:

 Dear Rhythmbox developers!

 I have an mp3 collection shared between all members of my family. To keep anyone from accidentally deleting or modifying it I serve it as a DAAP share using mt-daapd. No user has direct read or write access to it. It works perfect except that Rhythmbox seems to filter out all DAAP share on the machine that runs the share.

 I can see the point of filtering out the shares made by Rhythmbox on the same machine but all other share should show up. The same happens if I share music from Banshee. It does not show up on the same machine. Banshee does display the shares and is able to play the music correctly.

 I hope this is an easy fix.

If you use avahi and want an ugly workable solution, comment out these
in function browse_cb (daapsharing/rb-daap-mdns-browser-avahi.c):
       if (local) {
               rb_debug ("Ignoring local service %s", name);

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