[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: cd playback

>>>>> "d" == deviant   writes:

What version of rhythmbox are you using?

d> hi all, i am having what would appear to be a permissions problem
d> playing back cds in rhythmbox. it always works if i start rhythmbox
d> as root, but only once in a blue moon it will work for me as a
d> normal user. this has me thoroughly stumped, because it would seem
d> like i have everything set up correctly (my user is a member of the
d> cdrom and plugdev groups, and also has the 'enable access to
d> external storage devices automatically' option set in the gnome
d> user/group administration tool.

d> a further point of interest is that when things are not working ok,
d> running rhythmbox with the -d option and inserting a cd, the only
d> removable media rb_removable_media_manager_mount_volume will detect
d> is /dev/shm. when things are working ok, it will also find the
d> cdrom.

d> i would really appreciate some suggestions - this is starting to
d> drive me nuts!

d> thanks in advance, ian

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