[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: uncontroversial but important suggestion

>>>>> "J" == Jens   writes:

J> when dragging music from rhythmbox to desktop or folder in gnome a
J> list of files are copied regardless of whether artist, album or
J> files have been dragged.

J> since many people use ipods and rhytmbox supports this - it would
J> be great to have artist/album/files created when artist is dragged
J> - album/files created when album is dragged and files when files
J> are dragged. why i specifically mention ipods is because the
J> filenames are a mess.

There is some work on exporting file hierarchies at this bug:


although, I'm not sure if preserves the original directory

J> doing it this way the hierarchical structure is maintained. and
J> that is what a user normally wants when he for example drags an
J> artist to a friends usb-stick.

J> i understand if there is reluctance to rename filenames and that i
J> can live with (that can be done later in e.g. easytag) but lets at
J> least have separate folders for artists or albums...

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