Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] My Suggestions for Rhythmbox, pt2

On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 09:16 -0500, Andrei Thorp wrote: 
> Also, yes, amaroK is cluttered, but stuff like the lyrics grabber and
> the wikipedia article grabber really makes it feel like amaroK can do
> everything that you want it to when it comes to music.

Those do sounds useful, and I think we have bugs filed in bugzilla for
them. Now that we (finally) have a plugin system, these are example of
things that would be perfect to implement as plugins.

Of course someone has to write the plugins, but hopefully some of these
kinds of things will turn up.

> Another slightly flashy thing, but again something I prefer is that
> when you queue a song, a little rounded off graphic appears by the
> song, rather than moving that song to what feels like a different
> playlist.

Personally I like having the queue visible, because it makes it easy to
see what order I have songs in, and potentially re-order them. However
you suggestion does sounds like it could be useful for people who don't
need the re-ordering ability.

> Another thing that fits into flashyness, is amaroK's cross-fading. 
> Whenever the song changes, it fades out and another fades in. This is 
> extremely cool, I think. Even when the program (amaroK) closes, the
> song fades out.

Also sounds good and is already a filed RFE, and like some of the others
it just need someone to sit down and do it.

> Visualizations at least?

Thanks to GStreamer this shouldn't be too hard. Probably the best method
would be to steal Totem's BaconVideoWidget and write a RBPlayer backend
to use that - which saves us having to re-solve all the corner cases
that Totem handles

As Totem doesn't (currently) export it, we would need to copy it into
our source tree and keep it up to date. If some time in the future Totem
did export it, we could depend on the installed version.


James "Doc" Livingston
Windows is too dangerous to be left to Windows admins.
    -- James Riden in asr

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