Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] ipod source patch

Hi Jorg

Le mercredi 21 septembre 2005 à 06:26 +0200, Jorg Schuler a écrit :
> I'd really like to see rhythmbox to use the libgpod. I would profit from
> your user's feedback, and rhythmbox would profit from improvements/bugfixes
> made in libgpod.

Given that nobody complained yet, I'll probably commit the patch
mentioned in soon.

> Also, if you have functions that you'd like to see in libgpod (like
> autodetecion of mountpoint etc), I'm more than willing to accept patches.

At first, I considered sending a patch for that to libgpod, but given
that there is libipoddevice (in gnome cvs) whose only purpose is to
detect ipods, I'm not sure it's worth it, especially since it avoids
adding dependencies on libgpod.

>   - support for artwork (parsing code is already in CVS)

Offtopic for this mailing list, but artwork writing code is maturing,
work in progress patch can be found at ,
at the moment, I can write artwork with libgpod, and successfully
extract it back using libgpod, I still have to test it on an actual
iPod, I'd be surprised if it worked as is ;)


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