[Rhythmbox-devel] Play queue patch #0.75

Updated play queue patch is here:

Changes since the last one:
- fixes compilation with iPod enabled
- fixes various play orders
- fixes crash when you resort a smart playlist
- enables queueing of downloaded podcast entries
- removes gtk+ warnings when switching to the podcast source
- reworks how the prev/next buttons are enabled and disabled, hopefully
  for the better
- stops self-emptying smart playlists (eg 'play count = 0') from crashing
- doubleclicking queued songs now works
- even more badness removed from RBEntryView
- probably some other stuff too

Not done yet:
- saving the queue sidebar height in gconf
- adding files specified on the commandline to the play queue

I just noticed it crashes if you delete the playing song from the queue,
but I'll fix that later.


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