[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: patch to set buffer size for streaming audio

>> > Hi, I was looking around to see how I could change the buffer size for
>> > streaming audio. 
>> > I've placed the patch at http://blue.chem.psu.edu/~rajarshi/code/cc++
>> > 
>> > Would it be worth including in the sources?
>> Absolutely! My music is stored on a server, shared via samba across a
>> wireless network two floors down. I've set the buffer to 1024 and much has
>> improved! Actually it's fone from totaly unlistenable to decent.

> Is 1024 the minimum to get something decent, or does eg 128 work ?

Should it depend on the bitrate of the stream?
I.e. give the buffer size in seconds rather than in Kbytes?

        Stefan "about to try the patch to see if it fixes some skipping
                problems he sees when Arch is hitting his machine hard"

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