[Rhythmbox-devel] Musicbrainz?

I am using:

Archive: olemke core-dump info--2005
Branch:  rhythmbox--merge--0.9

and I have been wondering if there was some kind 
of Musicbrainz support to be found in this, or 
other, branches.

I recently monkeyed around with JuK 2.1.2 (to see 
how the other half lives) and it has a wonderful 
feature, Guess Tag Information -> From Internet, 
which is based on Musicbrainz.  This worked 
marvelously and I was able to quickly tag many 
untagged and mistagged files in my collection.

I saw some configuration options in the Rhythmbox 
build files, but much of this seemed to have been 
disabled.  Is this not ready for prime-time or am
I simply missing something?



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