Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Neuros.

Le mercredi 30 mars 2005 à 22:40 -0600, Terry R. Grier a écrit :
> Anyone use a Neuros?
(no actually this isn't spam)

This is a Vorbis/MP3/... player, that uses its own special db to manage
the songs. The company is releasing their firmware, db management tools
et al as opensource (well, except I didn't find a license).

To synchronise with it, the preferred way would be positron from xiph,
BSD, in python.

How could we support synchronisation with many different players?
Since there are many, with different formats of player dbs, it seems the
sources model should be changed a bit - ie a source should be created
whenever a device is connected, so as not to show dozen of entries
without reason, and to support moving files between two devices of the
same kind. This isn't the case with the iPod yet (0.8.8) - there is
exactly one ipod at all times -, but correct me if it's been added.
With this done, a new device would just be a new, specialised class in
source/ . Thanks to HAL, things would just work when plugging the

I don't have any of these things so I'm not planning to do it, but it
does seem a cool idea.

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