Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Browser GUI suggestion

>Le mercredi 02 février 2005 à 11:03 +0100, Elia Cogodi a écrit :
>>Simple suggestion: add a label status line over the tracks list to show
>>the currently browsed album/artist. 
>How does this work if you select several artists and several albums
>(using ctrl) ?

Well, you'll have to use a differently formatted status line. Smaller fonts, 
comma separated etc. In the end, there is no way to fit info about an arbitrary
selection there, but 

1)it could be ellipsed with trailing dots, and the whole text could popup as a tooltip 
2)at least having a status line there would be indicative to the user of what is happening
if the browser is hidden. 
Imo everything is better than the 'hidden variables' GUI problem.

>>Move there the search bar to make it
>>clear that it comes last and affects _that_ previous album/artist
>>selection (see the attached mockups, not pixel-perfect but hey :) )
>When the artist/album pane is hidden, the "Browse library" disclosure
>widget seems a bit "lost" in all this empty space I think.

Yes, it isn't pretty, is it? Still, I think that sometimes in placement of GUI elements
you have to compromise on compactness (is it a word? you know what I mean, right? :) ) if
the alternative placement is more revealing about the function of the GUI.
I'd be even happier if you can find a layout that is clear and appealing, I just suggested it
as the smallest possible change.

Thanks for your answer... I wish I had the time and competence in GTK to dive into the sources
and put the code where my mouth is... maybe in the future :)  

Elia Cogodi <eliacogodi tin it>

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