Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Bulding latest CVS

Le mercredi 22 juin 2005 à 13:33 +0100, Peter Robinson a écrit :
> Hi Guys,
> Just built the cvs version of rhythmbox on FC4 (very nice) and had
> some queries. Is there plans on adding support for the later versions
> of dbus and hal. I notices that when trying to compile it comes back
> and says hal > 0.5 and dbus > 0.3 and excludes it. I seem to recall
> that there were api changes for those releases so I'd guess that would
> be why, just wondering.

It will use newer versions when a patch is written, in the mean time, I
felt it was preferrable to cleanly disable hal/dbus support when newer
version are detected instead of letting the compilation fail...

> I was also quite interested as to why it uses totem (or part there of)

It uses the playlist parsing code from totem, better to share code when
possible ;)


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