Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Useful arch repos?

I send you a patch to include the cover art support in the CVS.

In the .tar.gz archive, there is a diff file with all the modifications made to already existing files and there is also all the new files added for the cover support.

I know that it's a very big patch but I've added many comments to the new files. Nevertheless, you can always ask me questions or if you think that something I've done sucks, I can try to rewrite it.

PS: I haven't tried this patch because the CVS version of rhythmbox seg fault at the beginning on my computer but I hope that it will work.


Christophe Fergeau a écrit :

Le lundi 13 juin 2005 à 16:37 +0100, Charles Goodwin a écrit :

What are the currently useful arch archives for Rhythmbox?

Which arch repo are the album art patches in?

What other important patches are not currently in CVS HEAD?

Everybody does know the submitting patches to greatly
increases their chances of inclusion, or at the least review by either
Bastien or Christophe, right?

I don't mind grabbing patches from arch provided 1) I know where the archive is 2) I can easily sort out the patches corresponding to 1 feature, and the patches corresponding to something else. I was planning to ask for such a list of missed patches, but later (ie when I don't have anything left that I'd like to merge). There are some archives I know of, but some others I may not know, so if you have a patch you want to advertise, feel free to answer to this thread, or even better, to file a bug with a patch (that way Bastien will be able to look at it too)


- C

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