[Rhythmbox-devel] I really like rhythmbox :)

Hi  Guys,

I have just started using rhythmbox, its pretty damn good. For about the past 
6 months I have been using amarok. Prior to using Amarok, I have been using 
xmms since 1999. I think I will use Rhythmbox more now, I especially like the 
search functionality and the playlist generator. I dont have an ipod, but its 
cool you have a piece which links the two. I have a Gmini 400, which I find 
to be pretty damn good.

Im sure you receive feature requests like mad, but one thing I wish rythmbox 
to have is a coverviewer. I've grown quite used to seeing the cover for the 
song which is playing. Is it needed? no, but things just feel more complete 
with that ability.

Keep up the good work, and thanks.

Mike Masseo

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