Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] More Album Art Fixes

On Sat, Jun 11, 2005 at 11:35:14PM +0200, Marc Pavot wrote:
> I haven't tried it but I think that your patch add a bug if we don't 
> show the covers in the albums list.

If by "a bug", you mean "leaves lots of empty space in the list", then
[runs off to check what happens] yes, it does.  :-/  I hadn't expected a
hidden column to still play a role in determining the height of the
rows.  The patch also makes the "All" at the top of the list as tall as
any of the other items.

I'm open to suggestions for a better way to do this.  The alternatives I
can think of are:

  * Let rows have variable height (old behavior).  Leaves the least
    wasted space, but rows with wide art look "wrong," since those rows
    are shorter than the others, and full height tends to be the norm.

  * Force the view to have all rows the same height (this patch).  Looks
    bad when album covers are hidden, and leaves "All" too tall too.

  * Add letterboxing to the album art thumbnails themselves by adding
    two transparent bars on the top and bottom, so that all thumbnails
    are square.

  * Write a custom cell renderer that figures out the proper height
    based on whether art exists, whether it should be displayed, and
    what its shape is.

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