[Rhythmbox-devel] Auto-playlist innovation

I admitedly don't use the "auto" playlists much, but while working on my
car yesterday, I had an inspiration. I would use the regular playlists
and automatic playlists much more if it had the following feature.

I want to create automatic playlists that are "boolean" operations
between other playlists. For example, combine two other playlists, but
exclude songs in a third. An "intersection" between playlists could also
be useful.

The last thing I need to make playlists better overall is an "unlisted"
playlist. These would be songs that are in my library, but not in any of
the playlists. This way when new music is added to the collection, I
know it would appear here for easy retreival.

It would be nice if the auto playlists could be built from other auto
playlists, but then you can work yourself into some infinite recursion.
Even if they could only reference regular playlists for now, I could
make good use of them.

While I'm just throwing out ideas, I'd like to be able to share
playlists between several computers. All my music is on a shared drive
which multiple computers access. I'd like a way for the playlists to be
kept in a shared area too. Even if only one computer could edit them,
this would allow a real library of music for whatever computer I am at.

Sorry to just drop in and drop a ton of ideas on you guys. I'm sure
there's a lot to do. I've been enjoying Rhythmbox now for over a year,
but I always feel like its missing something intangible.

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