[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: wishlist: support composer id3 tag

> In classical music, the composer is just as important as the artist.

> It would be nice to be able to show the composer column from the id3
> tags in the track listing.

> Also, it would be nice to have a composer browser in addition to the
> artist and album browsers.

IIRC in Ogg comments, the "artist" field is loosely defined and can
correspond to either the composer or the performer.  I like the idea that
the tags should list "composer" and "performer" and the user can choose
which of the two should be considered "the artist", so you don't need
a separate composer-browser.

Or maybe rather than choose, the artist browser could list albums/songs
under both the composer and the performer's name.  So if you choose Bach,
you get all your albums/songs interpreting pieces from Bach (some of which
might be interpreted by Glenn Gould), whereas if you choose Glenn Gould
you'd get all the albums/songs performed by Glenn Gould (some of which might
be composed by Bach).


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