[Rhythmbox-devel] album art....again...

so i know theres been alot of traffic on album art semi-recently.
correct me if i'm wrong, but alot of apps out there that download the
album art, save it form themselves. meaning, muine, for examples, finds
the album art, and saves it in its database, and thats it. its not
embeded in the tag and not accessible to any other program. what it
should do is find it, download it, and append it to tag tag of tag

now, if rythmbox down include this functionality, of getting album art,
ti would be best, in my opinion to do it like this. i was thinking about
it and got a basic (and rough, but working) python program hacked
together quick to take a directory as an argument, and then walks the
directory taking anything ending in ".mp3" and trying to find the album
art. if it does, it embeds it in the tag. if anyone wants to see it, let
me know. now, as much as i would love to, i don't know if i could/how i
would write this for rhythmbox (plus add the functionality to extract
that image. i just wanted to see how easy it was to do (i've been
playing with fetching album art etc from amazon for a while now so that
didn't have to be learned)

anyone have any thoughts/ideas on this way of managing the album art
issue? would anyone be willing to help me start to implement this? is
anything like this on the way?


matt nicholson

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