[Rhythmbox-devel] arch tree now available


For people who were doing development using Arch, I'd like to announce
that thanks to Robert Collins, an Arch mirror of Rhythmbox CVS is now

http://bazaar.ubuntu.com/gnome bazaar ubuntu com/rhythmbox--MAIN--0/

I will be using a local branch of this for development probably, and
merging patches to CVS.  This approach is probably what we should have
been doing in the first place, until GNOME as a whole can move to

So if you have an Arch tree, what I would do is create a branch of the
new Arch repository (baz branch), get the delta of your branch versus
the previous arch tree (baz merge -c ?), extract the diffs from it (baz
changeset --diffs), then apply that patch to the new tree using "patch".
Ideally you'd be able to apply the changeset directly but I don't think
it will work because all the file IDs are probably different.

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