[Rhythmbox-devel] Automatic Rating needs balancing

The automatic rating needs balancing or even a total rethink.

I mean, it's not really right that a song leaps from 3 to 4 stars if you
click it once and start playing it.  That's frequently how I start an
album - clicking on the first track!  That doesn't mean I want it to be
rated any higher?

Also, if I listen to an album several times, the songs are now all 4
stars in rating.  That's just not ideal.  I may listen to an album 4-5
times before I decide I don't like it and never play it again, yet all
the songs have now jumped into my 'good music' automatic playlist!

Another annoying tendency is for it to decrease the rating of a song if
I skip it near the end - yet I've just listened to most of the track!

I know this isn't particularly constructive, but hopefully it can
inspire some constructive discussion.

- C

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