[Rhythmbox-devel] Using Rhthymbox and GTKpod?


I am using Rhythmbox on a limited baises trying to test some things.

I like it and think it could be a replacement for iTumes which is what I use now (on winxp - and it is the ONLY reason I have winxp on a computer and I want to ditch it) .. I use Fedora C3

1. Is it possible to "import" my ratings and such from my itunes in to RB ?

I am thinking of working with the model of using RB for my computer playback of my music
and then making playlists and use GTKpod to sync with my ipod.

2. Is there a web site or discuss/mail list to direct my questions too?

I have about 67gigs of music and a 20gig ipod that I uussaly keep pretty much full.

Any feedback or advice as to what I am trying to would be great... I am looking for a solution ... my music collection is very important to me.

Thank you.

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