[Rhythmbox-devel] Itunes to Rhythmbox


I run Rythmbox on my laptop under Fedora C3. I only have 10gigs of free space.

I run Itunes on an 80gig HD on and winxp box.
I sync to my ipod from the winxp box.

I was thinking of taking the HD out and making it an external HD using USB2.0 with one of those kits.


1. Will Rhythm box keep track of imported files from an external source?
2. My ACC files - (unprotected) will Rythmbox play them? I use Gstreamer.
3. Sync with my Ipod> ? I also have GTKpod on my laptop but I have not worked with it. I like the 'feel' of Rhythmbox better.

Please advise ... or suggest.
Thank you

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