[Rhythmbox-devel] Command line feature suggestions

Hello, all. I'm trying to use Rhythmbox as an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. I know this can be done with XMMS, but I prefer Rhythmbox's interface much better, and would prefer to use it if possible. I can set up 'cron' or 'at' to do the scheduling, but I'd like to request some CLI features to make this even better. I'm not a programmer, or I would try to do this myself and contribute back. Sorry. The best I can do is eagerly debug and test.

1. An "absolute" volume control, so I can start the music off at 0 (or muted), and then slowly fade it up or down gradually. Perhaps replace the CLI '--volume-up' and '--volume-down' args with '--volume=%', being a percentage volume to play at. Example: 'rhythmbox --volume=30%'.

2. Additionally, perhaps allow relative percentage volume adjustments, for increasing or decreasing the volume from itsa current position, using a plus sign in the argument value. Example: 'rhythmbox --volume=+10%' or 'rhythmbox --volume=-40%'.

3. Allow certain playlists, songs, or sources to be played from the command line, so I can start playing a internet radio stream or a local music file upon command. How to refernce this from the command line is tricky, I suppose, since trying to use the display name of the file would be complex. Perhaps instead allow the user to specify the number of the source from a certain view. Like 'rhythmbox --play-file=Radio/Title/3', which would play the 3rd file listed by Title in the Radio section. Messy, I know, but it's the best I could think of unless Rhythmbox already identifies each file somehow. Or perhaps simplify it by only allowing playlists to be started from the command line.


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