[Rhythmbox-devel] Music streams and audioscrobbler

I recently installed 0.9.2 and decided to sign up at last.fm and try out
the audioscrobbler plugin. It seems to be a nice service, but it doesn't
suit my current listening habits particularly well. I have no idea if my
use case can be accommodated, but here goes:

I mainly use rhythmbox at work. I've copied some of my music files onto
my work PC, but I really don't have a lot of space, so I run an mp3
stream of my music from home and listen to that quite a bit. As a
result, my last.fm profile pretty much has just a small portion of the
songs/artists that I listen to. 

Is it possible to feed the song and artist info that rhythmbox pulls
from the stream into the audioscrobbler plugin? I know that I wouldn't
necessarily want every 'net radio station I listen to being fed through
the plugin, but being able to check a box in the properties for my home
stream would be handy, and make the whole last.fm thing more useful for

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