Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: A whole bunch of stuff

On 12/21/05, Sam Thursfield <ssssam gmail com> wrote:
> > * Sorting isn't as functional as I would like. I want to be able to
> > > sort my library by artist, year and then track number. I'm sure
> > > there's people who want to sort by a crazy combination of stuff. This
> > > is actually an issue for me in more programs than just RB, so maybe
> > > it's more a problem with gtklistview.
> >
> > The tracks are sorted according to a group of functions defined in
> > rb-entry-view.c. In theory we could make it user-definable what sorting
> > by a particular column means, however that would require some kind of
> > funky "redefine sorting" dialog and the like. I'm not sure if we want to
> > add that, or if there is a non-horrible UI for doing it.
> If there isn't an easy way to do this there should be. Sorting a list by
> more than one category at once isn't a proper crazy wish.

Instead of a dialog that does this, maybe something simple like sort
by the column when you click on the header.  When you click on another
column header, the first one you selected becomes the secondary sort. 
So you could come up with any sort you like, just by clicking on the
column headers you like in reverse order of sort priority.  No UI
changes and lots of flexibility.

A right click on column headers to revert to default sort might be nice too.


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