Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] A whole bunch of stuff

So I've been talking about this on and off on IRC about wanting
a tag based player. 

My idea would be remove Genre all together and just make it a tag.  
Tag could default to either, musicbrainz, or id3 type 
information as default.  I would probably use musicbrainz as the
default rather than id3 or tags and then have it changed by a 
"view by.." menu item.

Shaun McCance has written up something on tag based players and
would be a good source to come up with how to do it nicely since
his music collection is probably on the extreme end.


On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 04:22:19PM -0500, William Jon McCann wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> I think you have some very good ideas here.  Some comments inline.
> Sam Thursfield wrote:
> [snip]
> >* One important thing I was going to implement is tagging. I know 
> >tagging has turned into some kind of meaningless internet buzzword at 
> >the moment but I have a few actual uses for it. Such as, sometimes I 
> >have the urge to play guitar over records for a while. It's only certain 
> >songs though and I thought the best solution is to tag these songs with 
> >"guitar" or something. Then I simply filter for that tag and my problem 
> >is solved. I'm sure there are some other good uses too (perhaps it could 
> >be used instead of genres like on <>? Though I'm 
> >not interested in this feature personally.) I have a couple of songs I 
> >only listen to at Christmas as well. An xmas tag that I filtered out for 
> >50 weeks of the year would sort that out. So I think they would be 
> >pretty useful.
> Good idea.  I've created a new bug for this:
> [snip]
> >* I don't like how the artist name and album are links to 
> ><>. The first time I used them there was a song playing 
> >and on the spur of the moment I decided I wanted to listen to the entire 
> >album. So I clicked the button, thinking it would have the same effect 
> >as hunting for it in the browser window, and instead a browser pops up 
> >and totally throws me off. I appreciate the idea of having links to the 
> > <> pages but I also really want to be able to 
> >browse to the current artist/album without searching through a tiny 
> >listbox or typing the whole name. Maybe we can solve this using a right 
> >click menu or something. (and see also: 
> > about 
> ><> links for arbitrary songs)
> Good idea.  I've created a new bug for this:
> [snip]
> >* The little speaker icon (and its counterpart the no entry
> >sign) is mentioned in bugzilla here: 
> >
> >Originally I thought it was a big waste of space and could be replaced 
> >by just making the entry bold. (Though I seem to remember that's a huge 
> >pain with a GTK listview for some reason.) Then I realised it could be 
> >pretty useful for showing
> >a song's position in the queue, there's the little no entry sign, etc. 
> >So I don't remember why I brought this up.
> This column is also used for the playback error indicator.  Not that 
> boldface is a bad idea...
> [snip]
> >    - The "last played" field is silly, it should be a friendly date 
> >like the ones in the the new GTK file select dialog etc. Seeing all 
> >these 2005-12-17 is way too technical for a music player, I want 
> >"yesterday" and "two days ago" etc.
> Completely agree with you.  This has been happening piecemeal over the 
> last few months.  Here's the final bit:
> Good stuff.
> Jon
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