Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Rhythmbox library stuff

The last email lost the CC to the mailinglist.

> All the patch does is automatically create some auto playlists as child
> sources of the library. Actually having two (or more) separate libraries
> is very different from what it does.

Yes okay, what I ment was, that adding Auto Playlists could be adding
using the Sources context menu. =)

> I don't think that having "real" multiple libraries is a good idea,
> because it will make other things a *lot* more complicated. In particular,
> much of the design of Rhythmbox is based on the assumption that there is
> one library. Trying to change that assumption would mean that things like
> the import dialogs, playlists et cetera, would need to have options to
> specify which library there are acting on.

For what purphase was the patch made? I mean, was it ment to solve the
multi library request, or does Auto Playlists have other benefits?

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