[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Rhythmbox library stuff

On Fri, 2005-12-02 at 09:16 +0100, Mattias Eriksson wrote:
> I just saw that you have added support to watch the library, and that
> you have the library as a preference in gconf. This is good but I feel
> like it is a little narrow.
> I suggest the following:
> * When you do add folder to library, store the library path in the
> database.
> * When a song is added, store a reference with the song to which library
> it belongs.

Having Rhythmbox ask whether you want it to watch the library you
selected for import is certainly an option. I don't know what everyone
else thinks, but I think that being able to remove directories from
being watched or change the location without resorting to gconf is good.

The latter suggestion doesn't actually need to be done - Rhythmbox can
tell which watched directory it belongs to already, by checking if the
location has the directory as a prefix.

> That way a person could have multiple libraries, and no preference have
> to be shown to the user.

Currently you can't set multiple watched directories from the UI (only
gconf). I think that if you can add more than one from the UI, you
should be able to manager them from the UI.

> For people using rhythnbox, some question might have to be asked at
> upgrade... but that would be it i guess.

We should probably have a "watch this directory?" question in the
first-run druid. I'm not sure how best to deal with upgrades, currently
they have to go to the preferences manually and set it. If we went with
the "ask on import" idea, they would get asked next time they did an
import to add music.

> As usual I might be on the wrong track... just thought that I'd share my
> visions.

Perhaps we could new child sources to the Library, one for each watched
directory. That way if people did want them treated as separate, they
could click the expander and have separate sources; and if people wanted
them unified they would just use the normal Library source and not open
the expander. Implementing this would be fairly easy.


James "Doc" Livingston
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