Re: patch #4 (Was: [Rhythmbox-devel] music sharing patch #3)

On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 16:46 -0400, Charles Schmidt wrote:
> We aren't, Howl is.  Unfortunatly, this causes a bug.  If you try to
> share your library as "My Music", and there already is a "My Music"
> existing on the network, Howl renames yours to "My Music (2)"  Which
> seems good, until you notice that the mDNS browsing is notified of /all/
> new shares, including your own.  So that this doesn't appear in the
> sourcelist, I do a strcmp (network_name, my_shared_music_name), and if
> they're the same, don't include it.  However, Howl will not notify you
> if it renames your music with a number suffix.  So, the end result, if
> your share name is a duplicate is:
> Your music is available to everyone as "My Music (2)"
> "My Music" (the first person's share) will not appear in your
> sourcelist.
> "My Music (2)" (your music) does appear in your sourcelist.
> This is just a stupid shortcoming in Howl, and I can't see any way
> around it.  Hopefully avahi doesn't suffer from the same problems.

How about resolving the service, and checking this instead?

> > > * When loading a daap server the user interface is not updated until it
> > > the network communications are finished.  Ideally, the network stuff
> > > should be in a separate thread, or at the very least the daap buffer
> > > parsing stuff should be done incrementally in a timeout.
> > 
> > Yeah...this is going to be important to fix soon actually; consider an
> > office where you have say 50 people sharing music...  
> I'll start working on that as soon as I finish the avahi migration.

I hope you aren't removing the howl code. Avahi barely had a release,
howl is already in many distros.


Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 

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