Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Search entry box clear button.

Jonatan Magnusson wrote:

Charles Goodwin wrote:

What's wrong with pressing escape?

- C

It's not immediately visible and can't be accessed with the mouse. And to me pressing a "clear" button gives a better indication that search is now *disabled* and not just set to an empty string or whatever. Also I find most applications with a search-field has a clear button these days and while that may not be a valid argument it makes rhythmbox stand out.

Perhaps a new gtk text entry widget with a small embedded clear-button, as I believe there is in osx, would be a good idea?

I had no clue where all my songs went the 10 first times I used the rhythmbox filtering function. It was just plain confusing.
There is a difference between search and filter. I would love to see a button like this for filtering all over GNOME.
- Andreas

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