[Rhythmbox-devel] recognition of CD/DVD's w/ cover art

My friend has a Linux PC and when he inserts a CD or DVD, it popups up the cover art automatically and displays all sorts of extended data, like the actors in the film, the studio that released the cd, etc.  And we tried 100 or so discs and it recognized every one perfectly, just as good as Windows XP Media Center does, and it even seems to cache the entries since the 2nd time you insert the disc the recognition is instant (first time takes a few seconds).  None of the other Linux media players I've used do this--they all use freedb which doesn't work for DVD's, doesn't have extended attributes, and doesn't display any cover art.

Since this is way better than freedb, and it's Linux-based, and it's open source, I figured all the other Linux media players could use the same code to do this too.  But today I think I've tried 100 media players/rippers, etc., and I've posted messages everywhere, and I keep getting told to "try something or other", but in the end it's the same thing--it uses freedb.  I tried Juk for KDE, and RhythmBox for Gnome, but also no luck.

The open source project my friend uses is plutohome.org.  But I can't use it because it's a big home automation and media server that does all sorts of stuff.  All I'm looking for is just the 1 tiny piece--the accurate CD + DVD recognition engine that shows cover art and all the attributes for a disc.  Preferably integrated into the KDE or Gnome desktop, like Windows does, so you always see what's now playing.  Anybody know if there's a module that does this?  Or if not, why nobody else is doing this for Linux?


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