Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [PATCH] query parser

Le lundi 04 avril 2005 à 09:13 +0200, Oliver Lemke a écrit :
> That's the first time somebody tells me (as a Gentoo user) that the
> version of a software package I'm having is too _old_. ;-)
> But seriously: Is there any way to make it compatible with older flex?
> Most distros (SuSE 9.2, Mandrake 2005 LE) ship with flex 2.5.4a. IIRC
> the new flex has some compatibility problems with postgresql. I guess
> you're using Ubuntu Hoary?
It won't be erased by a make clean or even a make distclean, so it will
be distributed with tarballs and in CVS. Just avoid maintainer-clean.
Otherwise, you need at least 2.5.6 .

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