Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] xine works, why not rhythmbox

Rhythmbox xine backend isn't really supported these days, it's better to
use the gstreamer back end. If rhythmbox can't play mp3 files, it may be
that suse removes mp3 support from its gstreamer packages (assuming they
compiled rhythmbox to use gstreamer). Fedora and ubuntu do that for
example. You probably should be able to find packages for suse enabling
mp3 support on the net if that's the case (looks for something like

Hope that helps,


Le dimanche 03 avril 2005 à 01:23 -0500, foleym rpi edu a écrit :
> I've got xine playing all sorts of music files, including mp3s, and I'm
> pretty sure I've got rhythmbox configured correctly. Rhythmbox just isn't
> playing the mp3 files for me. I'm on SuSE 9.2 under Gnome, and I've
> configured rhythmbox enough to run. Any help would be appreciated.
> -mitch
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