[Rhythmbox-devel] GNUnet integration

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Hi everybody !

Have you heard about the GNUnet project ? It's an anonymous peer to peer
framework that allows at the moment to share data throught AFS file
sharing system. It works quite well and needs more users to be really
interesting to download. I was thinking that as iTunes can get music
from Internet, RhythmBox could get music too using GNUnet AFS.

Integration could be no so difficult since GNUnet uses a modular system,
and client are always connecting to the (local) gnunetd server using
TCP. Several clients exist, including a GTK based client, who is no so
far of what RB would need to use GNUnet. This could work easily without
starting a lot of libraries, and it would be a really nice feature,
allowing to download, manage and listen music from the same program.

Do you think it's possible ? We can help you if you want to, but you
know RB coding better than us.

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