[Rhythmbox-devel] Remote interface


I've been doing some work on the remote capabilities of rb. I would like
to see a discussion on what methods to export. 

I put a list of possible methods here: http://www.pnx.se/rb-dbus.txt

They implement more or less the same functionality as the Bonobo
interface of 0.8 series. I've changed method names for some of them
though (typically capitalized the first letter to follow DBus standard)
and there might be some other differences.

No signals defined yet.

I've published an archive with my work here: http://www.pnx.se/arch
(jonatan pnx se--2004). Most basic functionality is there already (needs
a clean up though). I've created a small test application, in
/remote/dbus/rbctrl, which can be used to control rb in the same way you
do with the command line interface of rhythmbox (I believe it is faster
though since it is a smaller binary to load).


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