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I have worked on an initial integration of an iH(P)-140 into rhythmbox. I have a view questions before it can be said to work 'properly' ..

Hi, this sounds like some great work ;)

a) How to I get a diff from arch?

You can use tla changes --diffs. You could also create your own arch repository and let people know about it and grab changesets from there.

b) Should playlists be imported and shown in the shortcut bar?

This should probably be done, but I think they need to be "attached" to the media player they are stored on, ie the source list should probably be changed to some kind of tree view looking like that:
iPod Playlist1
iPod Playlist2
If you want to give a try at doing that, you're welcome, but that probably will involve quite some work...

d) Its a pretty brain-dead port of the code for the iPod, so should I try to rationalise the ipod / iriver modules ?

I had in mind to refactor the iPod code to make it easier to integrate other media players, but haven't gone really far yet. You can give a try at unifying both backends, or at least give some feedback about what could be factorized and waht can't according to your experience.
What I had in mind was to have a gobject which handles removable media players detection and the display/adding of each media player source. Each media player backend would be a plugin loaded at runtime whcih would provide
1) a way to detect if a supported media player is mounted under a given unix path
1bis) or provide a way to tell when a supported media player has been plugged/unplugged
2) a way to enumerate all songs
3) some other stuff I haven't really formalized yet (playlists, ...)

Dunno if that makes sense and could be useful for you iRiver code....


Thanks in advance
Mark H


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