[Rhythmbox-devel] use small display by default when loading single file


First I want to congratulate you with the fact that Mandrakelinux has
decided to make Rhythmbox the default music player in Gnome in
their next version.

Now, this decision caused a lot of discussion in the mailing list
(http://archives.mandrakelinux.com/cooker/2004-05/msg03039.php) and lead
to some suggestions.

It would be a great idea that if Rhythmbox is called with a single file
(e.g. because you double clicked on a music file in Nautilus), it starts
in small display mode. Indeed, when you click on file from Nautilus, you
are not interested in seeing the playlist etc, but only in playing that
single file.

Another idea would be to make it easier to see that it's possible to
change Rhythmbox's display size. Maybe a down / up arrow or something
like that, which expands resp. reduces the interface when you click on it.


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