Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] RFC: removable media

> When this came up last time, Colin Walters mentioned that it would be
> nice to be able to add the removable media to the sources list. What do
> you think of this idea? (see for an
> example) 

I currently use nautilus for removable media and it's more complicated 
since it's like a hard disk for me.  I have music, books, and what not all 
combined together under some hierarchy.  Adding a feature like this would 
not work in this case unless you assume that the whole thing is for music.  
It's probably much easier to use cut-n-paste into a nautilus window than 
having it as part of the source list.

The Ipod is a musical device and it's only function is to store music so 
it makese sense here as it would with any mp3 player.  But it doesn't for 
pocket pcs or palm devices.


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