[Rhythmbox-devel] *.m3u Export

Dear RB developers

First of all, I want to say thank you for having made such a beautiful
piece of software. It's just great and I use it every day (well, almost).

Now what I would like to know: Is there already a possibility in RB to
export a playlist in the m3u-format (like winamp and xmms do)? I've
searched the RB sourcecode but only found functions for importing such
playlists (which btw works without problems for me). I'm asking because
I've got an iRiver harddisk player (iHP-120) which supports m3u files
and it would be great if I could use my RB playlists on it.

If noone else is interested in implementing this, I could try to do it
myself. As already said, I've looked into the source for a couple of
hours now and I think, this could be something I could do with my
knowledge of C and GTK+. But it would take some time since I've got many
things to do at the moment. Additionally, I first have to introduce
myself into the secrets of arch ;-)

If this is an old request, please excuse. I've searched through the list
archive back to November 2003 and I didn't find someone requesting for
*.m3u export.

Again, thank you for RB.


Dominik Meister
CH-8600 Duebendorf

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