[Rhythmbox-devel] Unwanted initial delay

Ever since I updated Rhythmbox in my Debian system to version 0.8.x I
have endured an annoying delay for every song played.  The delay ranges
from 5-15 seconds of absolute quiet.  The seconds are ticking away but
there is no sound.  When the song starts it seems to start at the
beginning, although a number of seconds has allegedly passed. It is
almost like it is artificially adding the duration normally experienced
between song on a CD/LP, but this is annoying when manually jumping to
the next song.  I've updated with every subsequent version of Rhythmox
and GStreamer to hit Unstable, hoping the problem would go away but it
has not yet.

My deepest apologies that I cannot provide any tangible debugging info,
but hopefully someone else has encountered this and knows what I am 
doing wrong.

Thanks for any tip.


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