Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] suggestions for development.

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004, Ross Burton wrote:

> MusicBrainz has two tags for the artist name, display name and sort
> name, or "The Beatles" and "Beatles, The".  Vorbis doesn't seem to
> provide separate sorting keys for titles, but ID3 defines "TSOT" which
> is the "title sort order" and TSOP which is "performer sort order".
> So I'd say instead of inventing bad solutions to the problem, these keys
> should be set (someone should file a bug and I'll get Sound Juicer to
> write them when I get back from my honeymoon) in the relevant files, and
> Rhythmbox should use them if they are found.
I don't think we read out those files yet in GStreamer, but feel free to
file a bug and I'll add them.
We'll then hunt Christophe to look for the correct vorbistag. ;)

People would still complain though because none of their files is tagged
correctly. At least I haven't seen a single file yet where the sort tag
has been set...


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